Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monster Mantis Attack Contest Part Deux: Mantis Matrix

Greetings, this contest is for a very special mystery prize for the first person to guess what's missing from this picture. IF you comment on the facebook page ( with your answer then you will be giving it away and you will have to run very fast, like the rabbit in alice in wonderland, down the rabbit trail. This contest is for anyone including SingleHop employees. To participate, email Dr. Fun before midnight with your answer at, or after midnight, or tomorrow. But don't post your answer on the page unless you'd like to start a massive rabbit race. And that would be ok too. I might confirm it or I might not. The mystery prize is fine. But to qualify for the Grand Mystery Prize, you need to guess the first question, correctly, in an email. You can have unlimited guesses. Read these instructions carefully because they are a little tricky. So if you get part one right, then you will have the choice of releasing the second question to all rabbits, or keeping it to yourself. May the odds be ever in your favor. So there is only one winner for the first prize, but all rabbits can qualify for the grand mystery prize. It is optional, but marvelous, and there are 100 of them, and the prize will not be released for 6 months. So you will have to deal with anticipation; but I'll tell the first 100 winners what it is. For the third grand super duper fantabulous mystery prize, there is only one winner, and I haven't decided what the prize will be, because I don't know if anyone will make it that far. To win that prize, you will have to sing a song. So, may the odds be ever in your favor. Best wishes running down the rabbit trail, Neo, or Trinity, or whatever your Halloween name is. Question #1: What exactly is wrong with this picture?