Sunday, June 22, 2008

Behind the Scenes

Chuck Isdale, photographer extraordinaire, didn't hesitate to take the camera where no camera has gone before. One step forward for all mantiskind.

One habitat initially for Grishnak (named after a curmudgeonly orc in Lord of the Rings), was the vial that the egg case came in -- there's a cotton swab in there and I used an eyedropper to drop some moisture on it, and there's a piece of apple for additional moisture and for the fruit flies.

This is another habitat -- I saw that the top of the vial with the egg case was open, and had a piece of fabric to let it breathe -- so I remembered that "canning jars" sometimes have tops with holes in them; so I took an old dish towel, cut it up -- so the top of the jar is an open circle, then there's the fabric. The cotton ball is for dropping moisture, apple's for the fruit flies.

Sometimes its hard to see the manti in a jar like this clearly, but if you move it around, you can see. It might be easier to use something like a peanut butter jar, put some fabric on top, and use a rubber band.

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